About V2

‘As a consultancy we try to keep things simple and believe that we provide Vision and Value with our services’


DIA V2 CroppedThanks for stopping by and welcome to my website for V2 – an education consultancy that I run beside my teaching.

V2 provides two key areas of service:

1.  advice and guidance to independent/international schools on curriculum, marketing, human resourcing and design & build 

2.  advice and guidance to parents on schooling and relocation within, and outside of, the UK. 

Educated and brought up in Hong Kong (Island School – overseas HMC) I attended Middlesex University in the UK securing a 4 year B.Ed Honours degree within Design, Technology and Education.

I am passionate about Design education and nurturing creativity in schools and beyond. I am also keen to ensure that schools develop a vision and strategy for improvement that goes beyond the purely academic.

I have taught, led and managed departments and faculties in some of the finest schools including Wellington College, Cranleigh, Stowe, Whitgift, Taunton in the UK, International School of Toulouse (Airbus EADS) in France and currently in Switzerland with the Nord Anglia Education Group (La Côte International School)- helping them all to move through change and development.

In 2009 I was humbled to receive a teacher of the year nomination for my work via the TES teacher awards.

Photography of Cranleigh School 22.11.12 .Copyright Paul Terry/Tobinators

As an inspector with the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI1997 to 2005) I was able to offer advice and support on a myriad of issues relating to the academic and pastoral aspects of school life leading me to work in an advisory capacity on a number of  initiatives including teacher training development and various resourcing tasks for schools and universities.

I  also work closely with parents looking for advice on the most suitable school(s) for their children, based on a range of presented criteria, in the UK and overseas. This service has seen rapid growth recently with the increase in geographical movement that many professionals face with their work around the globe.

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