Choosing a school, the right school, for your son or daughter is never an easy thing to do. It is even more challenging if you are relocating from foreign climes and are trying to find out about where a ‘good school‘ is.

This is where V2 can help.

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There are many good schools, preparatory and senior, delivering excellent education in the market – so what makes one school more suitable for your child as opposed to another?

At V2 we are able to provide unbiased advice and guidance to help you invest in your children’s education. We have significant experience of the independent sector having worked with, and within, a range of single sex, co-educational, boarding and day schools both nationally and internationally.

No question is a worthless one.

As a parent myself I appreciate the headaches and overwhelming amount of information to digest when trying to make these decisions; understanding curriculum (what is the IB/Pre-U/A-Level mix and how does iGCSE differ from GCSE?) trying to differentiate between full boarding, weekly boarding, flexi-boarding, single sex vs. co-ed and so on.

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